Finding a more cannabis-friendly doctor

I asked my doctor for a prescription for marijuana, and he asked me why I needed it! I explained to him how I had been a common smoker for over a decade, however weed helps me relax and relieve stress, it lowers my blood pressure, and it helps me sleep better at evening! He said those were not valid reasons, and instead prescribed me more than five weird pills to help me.

I turned down his prescriptions, and found myself a modern doctor, then anyone who says that addictive medication is more beneficial than medical cannabis is crazy, and should not be listened to; The state elections recently changed the laws and made medical marijuana legal for anyone who had a valid prescription.

I don’t guess why my doc was against medical marijuana, but I’m sure the next a single will be more amenable to my needs. The practical applications for medical marijuana are endless, however for example, smoking a large fat bowl of medical cannabis first thing in the afternoon allows me to drive to toil and greet my coworkers separate from shouting insults at them, medical cannabis helps take the edge off after a afternoon in the office, and allows me to sleep peacefully through the evening. I may not have a medical ailment that requires the use of cannabis products, but I feel that I need them to keep living my life. My concern is that the medical cannabis dispensary is right down the street, but they won’t sell to me separate from a prescription. If you guess of any cannabis friendly doctors, let me know!


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