Growing cannabis on the farm

My dad was a simple hard-working farmer.

He dropped out of school in the 6th grade, because all he needed to do was to learn reading, writing, and math.

From there on out he worked on the family farm. He wanted a different life for me, and encouraged me to get an education and leave the farm. As I got older I had a fresh appreciation for my father, who worked so hard and never complained about anything throughout my entire life. Everything that he had in life he earned through hard work and dedication, and that includes his medical marijuana. Growing up I had no idea that Dad was growing a small patch of medical cannabis out in the corn fields. I had assumed that his political views would stop him from smoking medical cannabis, but this turned out to be far from the truth. According to my very religious father, medical marijuana was one of God’s many gifts to the world. The earth is filled with bounty, he would say, and smoking medical cannabis was another way to celebrate life. I was stunned by this revelation, especially since I had been a heavy smoker of medical cannabis ever since going away to college. Dad didn’t respect that I bought medical cannabis, because he thought I should learn to grow it myself. Next summer I plan on going to stay with him for a few weeks, so he can teach me the ropes of growing my own medical marijuana. After that I will never have to rely on the medical cannabis dispensary again.


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