I guess that it may be time to invest in the marijuana business

The legalization of medical marijuana happened out west some 25 years ago, however it was the tipping point in our estimation.

This was when, finally, marijuana plus cannabis products were seen for what they are.

The Cannabis plant has been used to treat a vast variety of mawomen over the nearly 4 thoUnited Statesnd years. This is a far better track record than much of the stuff that mankind puts in our bodies separate from a 2nd thought. But this miracle plant that grows so easily that it’s called weed, that was illegal. So several myths, pieces of misinformation plus outright lies were heaped upon what is really a gift from nature to us humans. That’s why I guess those first medical marijuana dispensaries were so key. The goal to legalize cannabis products took the stigma away plus let marijuana be seen for what it is. With everything that happened while I was in the last election cycle, it’s looking more likely the marijuana company is thriving plus here to stay. There are now several more states that allow access to a cannabis dispensary within their borders than don’t. That is a much more impressive achievement. And I guess this is another tipping point. The marijuana companies are ramping up for when the entire east coast becomes legal for recreational plus medical marijuana. The time to invest in the marijuana companies is now. I make our residing advising people on what to invest in plus I’m moving a big chunk of our portfolio into the marijuana business. While I have used recreational marijuana a few times in the past, I didn’t exactly rush out to the local cannabis spot when it first opened. But I’m sure cheerful it’s there.

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