I think the boss should try making deliveries 1 time

My lady is totally and completely aggravated with her boss… Her boss complains about the amount of deliveries that she gets done when she is at the marijuana delivery service; My lady has been working at the marijuana delivery service for 6 months, however the boss never complained about the amount of deliveries that she was making until just recently.

The corporate office is having a fit about the amount of hours that people are working.

They started to complain about the driver’s hours, but when the boss got into trouble and tepid water, she decided to implement a minimum delivery on all of the orders, and now my lady is responsible for making a quota every time she goes to work, and if she does not reach the quota, then she is in risk of losing her job. I think it is absolutely deranged and to be un-biased I am not easily cheerful about the changes. My lady has been coming lake house everyday after labor sad and she is taking it out on me. It’s not as if I can go to her boss and say something, however I think the boss should spend 1 day delivering before she decides to cast judgment on my lady for not being able to get all of the orders out and what she considers a timely fashion. It’s not easy to find all of those addresses, especially in the dark! Occasionally it is raining and that doesn’t make things easier either. If my lady continues to complain, I will absolutely try to request that she finds a job somewhere else where she will be more cheerful


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