It’s not just about finding CBD oil near me, I want full spectrum products not broad

I started buying CBD back in 2014 when a gray market for the cannabinoid finally opened in this country.

The 2014 Farm Bill sort of legalized CBD as long as it was derived from “hemp” plants.

For a cannabis strain to be qualified as “hemp” and not “marijuana,” it had to contain less than 0.3% of THC per dry weight after curing is complete. What happened is that cannabis growers put money into hemp businesses and took existing marijuana genetics and crossed them with ruderalis strains of cannabis which are extremely low in THC, often only having trace amounts inside. Now they have unique genetics of hemp strains with terpene profiles that match famous strains of high THC marijuana like OG Kush or Hawaiian Haze. Then the strains are processed into products like CBD concentrates such as CBD oil. If you retain the terpenes and cannabinoids from the whole plant CBD product, you’ll get what’s referred to as a “full spectrum” cbd product instead of merely a “broad spectrum” CBD product. The latter often has lots of CBD and few, if any, other cannabinoids and terpenes. So when I’m looking for CBD oil near me to buy without requiring an online order, I’m hoping to find full spectrum CBD oil instead of broad spectrum CBD oil. It might seem like a trivial distinction, but full spectrum CBD products give me much more medical effects compared to broad spectrum CBD products. I’m also willing to pay more for the full spectrum. I finally found a great new CBD store that just opened down the street from the office where I work everyday.


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