Someone opened a store 5 hours away from me

Someone recently just opened up a current cannabis dispensary in our town, and it’s only about 5 hours away from our house.

I cannot know our good luck! I used to have to drive for hours to get to the closest cannabis dispensary.

Now, though, there is basically one here in our particularly own backyard. I would not know it if I had not seen it for myself. I found out about the current cannabis dispensary that they were building about a month ago… My friend Boris came over to talk to me about it and she was super gleeful about the whole thing. Brois said that she had just driven past the arena of the construction that they were doing and that there was a big sign outside that said that it was going to be a state of the art cannabis dispensary, however up until that point, every one of us didn’t even know what was going to be going in at the site. When she told me that, I have to admit that I was pretty gleeful too. The people I was with and I have been planning on going there for their grand opening celebration and that is supposed to be happening tomorrow. They already had their soft grand opening, however the big stuff that they are doing is going to be happening tomorrow. Boris and I are going to go down there first thing in the day. The people I was with and I are hoping that they will supply away some discounts for the cannabis store. They might even supply away some free samples! I can’t wait for tomorrow day.


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