Vaping a cannabis oil is so much easier

When I decided to try cannabis I knew I wanted to smoke it, however i am not interested in concentrates or edibles.

I wanted something that I could grab, light and go.

A bunch of friends of mine are cannabis users! They only used flower form. They had joints, bongs, hookahs and pipes that I was able to try. I realized that the process of lighting the flower was kind of a pain. I didn’t enjoy having loose cannabis or a rolled joint around. It just seemed enjoy a lot of work! You need the ashtray and lighter with you as well. I wanted something more portable. I then realized that I could smoke cannabis oil. All I needed was a vape and the cartridge I was going to smoke. You load it, hit the button that heats the oil and then inhale, then viola, you have a perfect instrument to smoke cannabis with. It is cleaner, neater and faster. Also the oil heats up so hot you aren’t getting those carcinogens in your idea either. It is a healthier way to smoke as well. I absolutely enjoy that the vape is easy to carry. I can wear it on a lanyard around my neck. I can stuff it in a pocket. I even have stored it by a tree outside a concert stadium before. I then picked it up after the show and was able to vape. I only need 1 item in order to smoke my recreational cannabis. I don’t suppose why anyone would go the flower route with cannabis.


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