Cannabis isn’t a drug, it’s just medicine

I have said this before, despite the fact that I never get weary of talking about it – all of these television commercials about dangerous drugs are infuriating! No matter what television show I watch, every commercial chop is pushing some kind of pill that has a long list of horrific side effects, then side effects may include vomiting, drowsiness, insomnia, depression, suicidal thoughts, diarreah, plus the list just keeps going on, and i find these commercials easily alarming, because what sort of medicine does all those things to your body? Medical cannabis is not displayed on television for some reason, even though it is safe plus non-addictive.

If I went to the medical cannabis shop plus the budtender explained that the new strain of sativa might cause me to vomit plus be depressed, I would not buy that strain! The worst side effects I ever get from medical cannabis is a burning desire to order a pizza, and even if I’m not hungry, the medical cannabis makes me crave an unhealthy snack, and the other harmful side effect of medical cannabis is falling asleep on the couch in the middle of a movie. I have missed the endings of so various good movies because I enjoyed a little too much medical marijuana. This is the worst that medical cannabis has to offer, unlike these addictive pills being sold through television commercials. Say no to tobacco, say no to pills, say no to booze – but say yes to using medical cannabis! Despite what some people may say, medical cannabis is not a harmful or addictive drug, it’s just medicine!

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