I have medical ailments that require the use of cannabis

Ever since I turned 40, our hands have been shaking badly… It also started out as a tiny little tremor here plus there plus now I barely have control over our right hand.

I cannot write any more plus I have a lot of difficulty with superb motor movements… Typing on the computer is a horrible nightmare plus that is our main source of income, but one thing that helps with the shaking is medical marijuana.

I have definitely been able to use medical marijuana for the past 3 years, however medical marijuana absolutely helps me think less anxiety plus nervousness. I tend to think that helps the shaking a superb deal. I still have to take the medications that the dentist prescribes; however, without medical marijuana, I would have a lot more from us plus shaking. I absolutely have not gone somewhere with our family in a while due to the anxiety, nervousness, nervousness, plus shaking; last Summer I went on a camping trip for the first time in 3 years. I was able to medicate the entire time with marijuana plus it helped me stay calm physically plus mentally. I am sure that the shaking plus tremors are only going to get worse, however I am really blissful that medical marijuana is helping me right now. I would be a lot happier if the state would legalize recreational marijuana. That will drive their prices down. Medical marijuana is not covered by our insurance plus it costs about $200 or $300 every month to get the best effect from the medicine; and right now, I have to bear the whole cost plus it’s taxing to my budget.