I smoke weed instead of drinking booze

It’s perfectly and totally socially reasonable for people to drink beer or alcohol, but some people begin drinking beer or alcohol at 10:00 in the morning and they drink all morning.

If you are retired, there is no reason not to begin drinking as soon as you wake up.

Some people will say that it is 5:00 someplace, there is beer and alcohol available everywhere that people go. In the venue where I live, people can buy beer or alcohol in the grocery store, supermarket, and even the gas station. It’s totally self-explanatory to get drunk as long as you have an id. It’s absolutely legal to get high in the state as well if you are over the age of 21, then recreational marijuana was legalized 6 years ago, people will still look down on others that use recreational marijuana weekly. When I mention using recreational marijuana to people that I have just met, they turn up their nose and act as if I am talking about an illicit drug. I do not consider marijuana as anything more than a cigarette, glass of wine, or beer. I use recreational marijuana in the day to relax just the same as someone does with fear. I just do not guess there is any way that all of us can possibly transfer forward and legalize marijuana and all 50 states until it is socially reasonable and accepted as a normal way to relax at the end of the morning. I’m also sure there was actually a time when people did not guess that cigarettes were reasonable either, but now it is no longer a crucial deal.

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