I tried the pear & grape flavors of the cannabis concentrate

My husbandy & I met some new friends, they love to play cards & dice just love the numerous of us.

  • Every one of us have been hanging out with them on the weekends; Sometimes every one of us play Rummy or Farkle & sporadically every one of us play other games that are interesting & fun… Last weekend every one of us went to hang out with our friends.

Every one of us went to their house for the evening, but jack made ribs on the grill & every one of us had macaroni & potato salad, it was a actually delicious meal & straight-forward to eat outside on the patio. Jack had the canopy set up outside & plenty of lights so every one of us could see our games. Jack had another surprise for me. He went to a cannabis shop earlier that month when he was in the city for work. Jack picked up some cannabis concentrates & he was waiting until the weekend so every one of us could try them together. The cannabis concentrate products were a thick sweet Elixir that was the consistency of pancake syrup. It was actually straight-forward to dose, because there was a graduated line on the side of the bottle. Jack had pear & grape flavors. I decided to try the pear & Jack tasted the grape, but my buddy offered myself and others a healthy dose of 50 mg & he took a healthy dose of 50 mg as well… Both of us are everyday smokers, so there is actually no reason not to go for a larger dose than suggested on the bottle. I didn’t believe anything for the first 30 minutes, but after an hour I was totally stoned.

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