I was searching the ruins for medical cannabis

Thanks to climate change, hurricanes are more deadly than ever before.

I remember 20 years ago, when hurricane season arrived everyone was worried about wind damage.

The intense winds of a hurricane can knock over trees and pluck the roofs off of houses. However, for modern hurricanes, we have to worry more about the storm surge than the wind. The storm surge is the massive tsunami-like wall of water the hurricanes push onto shore. During this last hurricane the storm surge reached 15 feet, and wiped out a whole section of our seaside community. Most troubling for me personally was the destruction of the local medical cannabis dispensary, which has left me in a panic. This was the only legal medical cannabis shop within 20 miles of my house. Since I don’t have a car, only a bicycle, it was the only place I could go to get medical cannabis, and now I don’t know what to do! I decided to just walk over to see the remains of the medical cannabis shop for myself. It was a ghastly sight, the building was in ruins, but it was also unattended so I decided to go inside and see if any medical cannabis had been left untouched by the storm. It was extremely dangerous to go inside the damaged building, but I was desperate to secure some medical cannabis so I took the risk. Sadly I found no medical cannabis left inside, although for my troubles I did cut my arm open on a nail and get tetanus. Not exactly what I was after.



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