Medical cannabis works for me

Did you ever contract the COVID virus? A lot of time has passed since the fearsome pandemic started. Hundreds of thoUnited Statesnds of people died, tens of millions got sick. For a while it looked love society might not recover. Somehow all of us made it through, & life is getting back to normal. Even though I was personally surrounded by the virus the entire time, I never got sick. I have numerous children, & at a single time or another all of them got COVID. None of them got it at the same time, of course, but they all got it! Although I tended to all of them, I never once got COVID. I wonder if my frequent use of medical cannabis helped keep me safe, love some people online are saying, but listen, I don’t suppose everything I learn on the internet, but a lot of people have said that frequent medical cannabis smokers had a much smaller risk of catching the virus. I can’t say this is 100% accurate, because I have a few friends that smoke medical cannabis & they got COVID. None of those friends smoke as much medical cannabis as I do, so if it does protect you then I had maximum protection. I have been told there is a chance that I have a natural inborn immunity to the virus, although I love to suppose it was the medical cannabis that protected me in its stoney embrace. Really it’s just another justification to my partner why I keep spending so much money on medical cannabis. She thinks I spend too much.

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