My hands shake, but the medical marijuana products help a little

Ever since I turned 40, my hands have been shaking badly. It started out as a tiny little tremor here and there and now I barely have control over my right hand. I can’t write any more and I have a lot of difficulty with fine motor movements. Typing on the computer is a horrible nightmare and that is my main source of income. One thing that helps with the shaking is medical marijuana. I have been able to use medical marijuana for the past 3 years. Medical marijuana absolutely helps me feel less anxiety and nervousness. I think that helps the shaking a great deal. I still have to take the medications that the doctor prescribes, but without medical marijuana, I would have a lot more from us and shaking. I really haven’t gone anywhere with my family in a while due to the anxiety, nervousness, nervousness, and shaking. Last summer I went on a camping trip for the first time in 3 years. I was able to medicate the entire time with marijuana and it helped me stay calm physically and mentally. I’m sure that the shaking and tremors are only going to get worse, but I’m happy that medical marijuana is helping me right now. I would be a lot happier if the state would legalize recreational marijuana. That will drive their prices down. Medical marijuana is not covered by my insurance and it costs about $200 or $300 every month to get the best effect from the medicine. Right now, I have to bear the whole cost and it’s hard to budget.


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