Treating menopause symptoms with cannabis

A couple years ago, I started experiencing the symptoms of menopause.

The hot flashes are really unpleasant.

Without any warning or reason, I suddenly become extremely overheated. Sweat runs down my face. It’s uncomfortable, unpleasant and often embarrassing. The hot flashes occur more frequently at night. I also deal with insomnia. When I head to bed, I can end up lying awake for hours. If I manageDas to fall asleep, I typically wake up in a couple of hours and find it impossible to fall back asleep. Headaches are another result of menopause. I’ve found some relief for my symptoms with cannabis. I can shop at the local cannabis dispensary or order online and choose delivery. I’ve experimented with different consumption methods, strains and potency to find what works best. I have found that indicas are especially good for helping me sleep. I like to buy cannabis-infused gummies with a balanced THC and CBD ratio. I only need to eat half of a gummy, so a package lasts me a long time. I chew one when I’m getting ready for bed. It can take a half hour for the effects to set in and several hours for them to reach their peak. The effects of edibles tend to be more intense and last longer than other consumption methods. For my headaches and hot flashes, I choose tinctures. The packaging includes a dropper that provides very precise dosing. It’s easy to just place a few drops under my tongue and the effects set in within minutes. I like that cannabis is a natural remedy with no lasting, harmful side-effects.


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