Wasn’t happy about the vape pen leaking on me

My acquaintance Jack plus I went to an up-to-date recreational marijuana dispensary the other year plus they had a fairly huge sale on all of the products in the store. They had marijuana Vape cartridge brands that I had not seen before. The Vape cartridges were filled with marijuana distillate. Each one of the vaporizer cartridges had more than 90% total thc. They were only $15 each on sale plus I made the choice to buy one of the blue dream strains. Blue dream is genuinely one of my most enjoyed marijuana strains due to the beautiful taste plus wonderful high. I always end up feeling energetic plus creative when I smoke or vape blue dream. I took the vape pen with me to the zoo on Wednesday. I had the adolescents with me all day plus I was looking to get high in a discreet manner while we were at the zoo. I snuck into the lavatory twice plus I puffed on the vaporizer pen a couple of times. It did not take much marijuana distillate before I felt a wonderful calm feeling rush over my body. The adolescents plus I had lunch by the gorillas. I had a hot dog plus the adolescents all had chicken nuggets. I left the vaporizer pen in my shirt pocket plus the thing leaked all over my shirt. I have never had a complication with a vape pen leaking so badly. Even though the distillate tasted wonderful, I would not buy that brand again after the mess that the vape cartridge made on my fresh shirt. I had to walk around the remainder of the day with a huge sticky stain.

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