We have a nice, calm life

When you are single in your 30s, it is hard not to get weird.

I have no fiance, teenagers or a high-powered job.

I work from lake house online. So I can set our own minutes plus take as much as I want. I don’t unquestionably have anything occupying our time. Sure, I have hobbies. I prefer to take our kayak out to the lake plus get a workout in. I occasionally go to the local market plus buy fresh seafood, produce plus crafts. I unquestionably prefer traveling to see rock n rollals in unusual cities. The morning to morning life gets dull though. I adopted a stray dog that was hanging around the town. We both seemed kind of lost plus prefer all of us could use some business. My dog is our whole world now. We spend all morning together basically. My dog naps on our bed while I work. When I work out the dog comes with me. He is either in our bike basket, sleeping in our gym or resting in the kayak with me. We have quite a life… Our weekends are where all of us go totally wild. My dog plus I prefer to hang out on the front porch plus just chill. I usually treat myself with some edibles from the marijuana dispensary near me. I get THC infused gummies plus maybe a few cannabis drinks. I prefer to get our dog wet food plus treats that he goes silly for. I observed our cannabis dispensary has CBD dog treats. I have thought about seeing if he would prefer that. I know it is for cats with anxiety though, mine is pretty mellow.



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