Why did nobody suppose about my sales?

I noticed that when I promoted a sale on my corporation website plus on social media, nobody seemed to suppose about it, however i couldn’t get anyone other than the clients in my cannabis dispensary to hear about anything going on.

I knew there was something wrong, however people just weren’t following me.

I debated on contracting with an SEO corporation plus then decided on a cannabis consulting service, the problem could have been more than just my website. Thank goodness I did. The recreational cannabis consulting service was so unbelievable at figuring out what the problem was, first I did need some SEO help, my website wasn’t ranking on google. People weren’t able to find it. My social media postings were not getting any traction, but also, the cannabis consultant mentioned I had a dispensary in an older town. The average customer was in their 50s. She informed myself and others that most of those people aren’t checking facebook or twitter for sales. They aren’t going online at all. She encouraged doing more paper ads or sending emails to people’s accounts with the store. I have started doing this plus it is quite a change. My older customer base didn’t even occur to me. I wasn’t sure at first how they would believe about emails with sales however they all like it! People now are coming in for topical Sunday plus half off edible Thursdays for once. They genuinely read the emails plus wait for them all week. I am so cheerful that I got somebody who knows the industry looking into things.


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