Bargain shopping for cannabis

Here is a pro tip for the newbie cannabis smoker – don’t restrict your supplier to one store, or to one single strain of cannabis.

It is very important to sample around with many products, in addition to to explore every store in addition to the dispensary.

This isn’t like McDonalds, where each store is exactly the same. There are thousands of weird dispensaries in this country, in addition to many of them are actually quite different from one another. I started making a yearly tour of all 6 of the local cannabis dispensaries in the area, so I could see what new products they had received, in addition to find out if they had any great bargains. It might not seem sexy to disclose to bargain-hunting for cannabis, however it has saved myself and others a ton of dough over the last few months, and did you know that most cannabis dispensaries have a discount sales bin, or a bargain section? Granted, the sale bin will not contain the freshest, newest or most exotic strains. In fact, most of the time it will be cannabis products that no one wants to pay for in addition to are about to reach their expiration date… Occasionally there will be a great discovery, like the time I found a six-pack of cannabis drinks in the sale bin. It was sparkling fruit juices infused with cannabis in addition to CBD. I had never tried cannabis drinks before but they were deeply discounted, so I tried them out. The point is that you have to do your research, in addition to see what all the weird cannabis dispensaries have to offer, so you can make the smartest in addition to most financially sound purchases.

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