Cannabis oils taste great

Cannabis oils are very odd. They come from the dried marijuana flower product that pretty much everyone suppose of when they hear talk of marijuana, however cannabis oils are made from the plant using drastic heat, cold, or pressure. Cannabis oils can also be made using products like butane hash oil or carbon dioxide. These harsh and toxic chemicals have a tendency to destroy the natural plant terpenes. Live resin products that use only heating or freezing presses are the best. Some of the best cannabis concentrates are live resin strains. Live resin strains are made from the plants while they are still alive. The plant gets harvested and right away goes right to the extraction process. Using a combo of heat, cold, pressure, or solvents, the cannabinoids are extracted straight from the live plant material. Cannabis concentrates taste better than any other product. Some of my #1 sativa cannabis oils include red dream and lemon haze; Blue Dream tastes like redberries and it has such a sweet odor and odor. Lemon haze tastes like lemons. It carries an extra punch of limonene, which makes it taste like lemons. Terpenes like limonene, pinene, myrcene, and linalool are found inside the cannabis plants and these terpenes can add a great deal of flavor to the concentrate when processed without harsh chemicals. A few weeks ago, I bought a Super Lemon Haze strain that was especially pungent and lemony. The odor of lemons was wickedly strong when I took the top off of the tote and every single dab was like biting into a sour lemon. I dabbed the yummy concentrate only during the afternoon, as I did not want to waste the strong sativa strain on going to sleep or staying at home.

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