I smoked a big bowl of marijuana to help me sleep

My friend Bob as well as I both went to a midnight showing of our favorite scary movie, which they screened in the theater, even though it was an older movie from the 1973s. Both of us snuck a bunch of alcohol into the show so my friends as well as I could drink while the two of us were seeing the show. Bob and I did not bother taking any recreational marijuana supplies to the theater, because neither of us wanted to get caught as well as get kicked out of the Regal Cinema, and a few months ago I was at a film as well as someone was using a marijuana vape pen. The usher at the theater asked the guy to leave after someone complained about the smell of marijuana, however when Bob as well as I got back to the apartment, the two of us planned to smoke marijuana; Bob was exhausted as well so they decided to go to bed early… I wasn’t ready to go loft yet, so I packed a fat bowl with a couple of marijuana buds. I chose an Indica called OG kush! OG Kush is a hybrid strain, however it is Indica dominant. I knew that this particular hybrid strain would make me feel truly exhausted after I smoke a whole bowl. I sat in the kitchen with headphones on as well as I watched the last part of the tv show I was seeing earlier that morning. After I smoked the whole recreational marijuana bowl, I was ready to pass out as well as sleep like the dead. I ended up sleeping through the next morning until the afternoon. Bob got up early to go fishing at the canal, but I slept until it was supper time.


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