I wish every day was a cannabis cafe day

It’s coming up soon and I can hardly wait.

Every other week, I make a plan to spend a moring at the cannabis cafe.

This is a new marijuana business and I’m in love with it. The local cannabis spot has been here now for several years. It’s always my go to spot for cannabis products. Not only do they carry only the best quality cannabis products but the place is just so great. There is a great vibe in there and the staff is super marijuana experts who love to share their passion. Well, less than a year ago, the folks who owned the local cannabis spot went a step further. They took all the professionalism of their marijuana business and expanded to just around the corner. These people took over a failed diner and have turned it into the cannabis cafe of my dreams. I wish I could go there evry day. But I’m not sure that I’d get much of the other stuff done in my life. So I have to make cannabis cafe day a bit of a treat. It starts on the morning of a day off. All I do is shower, dress and head out the door for the cannabis cafe. The coffee is the first thing I order. I like to sip my first cup while I peruse the cannabis edible menu. They always have something special but I still love the old school pot brownie maybe the best. Once I have my edible, I find a great place outside and just enjoy the sunshine on my face and let all my care and worries simply melt away.

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