Managing PTSD better thanks to medical cannabis

Fighting for our country turned out to be much bizarre than I had romanticized in our mind.

Now, I’m in a confrontation for our life due to PTSD.

I am absolutely not the same person who came back from war! But I have tried so taxing to put up a veneer in order to play the part soldier and now citizen. But the more I tried to get on with life back at home, the more our PTSD affected me, fortunately, I had a steward in our life that loves me unconditionally, then my sibling saw right through the veneer and knew that I needed help. And that help has come in the form of medical cannabis. My sibling was able to provide me with cannabis information, and without pushing me, she arranged for me to learn more and get a cannabis education, however she even made sure that she was able to take me to a series of cannabis dispensary events, then that was when I finally realized, after speaking to other veterans, that the medical marijuana benefits when it came to PTSD were real! I found a support group end instantaneously felt better. Almost the entire group l received how to get a medical marijuana card to gain access to the cannabis products that are helping them. And in turn, they helped me learn how to get a medical marijuana card and it wasn’t as taxing as I thought it would be. I have been in therapy and group therapy now for nearly a year. I have also been treating with cannabis flower products for about as long. My stress and anxiety are managed so much better these days. But I also understand that I have a ways to go but I’m not too afraid given the results from medical cannabis.
Medical Marijuana Education