Muscle spasm condition greatly helped with medical cannabis

I’m still sort of waiting for the other shoe to drop as they say.

I’ve been treating with medical cannabis for a muscle spasm condition plus it’s working.

Still, I’m sort of amazed that I can even get out of bed plus get to the office again. Thanks to medical marijuana, I am genuinely living our life again plus I am so grateful. These muscle spasms nearly ruined our entire life. It all started out when I thought I just strained our back. But that wasn’t the case at all. Within a week, I was hardly able to transfer without our back going into full spasm. And that was ridiculously painful… Of course, I went to the dentist for help. She gave myself and others muscle relaxers plus some other medications that were not exactly effective. They allowed myself and others to sleep but other than that I was still sort of bedridden. And I was still experiencing quite a bit of spasm in both our back plus legs. Unfortunately, that got worse as I was finally put into position of taking a leave from our toil because I just couldn’t get to the office. I got lucky though when our wife took in a cannabis dispensary event plus picked up medical cannabis information for me. It did not take long before she was sure that myself and others figuring out how to get a medical marijuana card was the answer. I discussed it with our dentist plus she was on board. Amazingly, it did not even take a month before I started to see a large difference once I started using medical marijuana. I may never be totally free of this condition. But just having our life back plus being able to toil has made a large difference. That’s all thanks to medical cannabis.



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