My 1st time in a legit cannabis dispensary

I used to have to buy all my cannabis from Crazy Ed who lives on a farm outside of town, but for years that was the only option, unless I started to grow my own weed plants at home. Believe me, I tried taking that route more than once! I just have no talent for botany, in addition to every attempt I made towards growing my own marijuana plants ended up a complete failure. This is why I kept driving out to Crazy Ed’s farm to get cannabis from him – because Ed was the only game in town. I was so thankful when a cannabis dispensary opened a few miles from here, because it meant I never had to see Ed again! I gained a few interesting things from my first trip into the cannabis dispensary. The main thing I realized was that the marijuana Crazy Ed had been selling myself and others was of very poor quality. Think about it like this – if you’ve never had a real hamburger before, then the Burger King burger is pretty good, right? That’s how it was for myself and others in addition to cannabis! I had never had top-quality cannabis before, so I thought that this gnarly, ragweed from Crazy Ed was top notch! After a few puffs of Purple Haze in the parking lot I saw the truth. Not only did Crazy Ed carry a gun with him at all times, he was also peddling weak and sub-par cannabis to people who didn’t know any better! Now that there is a correct cannabis dispensary in town, I know that Crazy Ed is going to lose all of his clients.

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