Recovering from injury with help from cannabis products

If it hadn’t been for my physical therapist suggesting a visit to the cannabis dispensary, I don’t assume just where I’d be right now.

I was in a pretty awful motorcar wreck that left myself and others with all sorts of injuries.

Of course, all that came with plenty of pain medication as well. It got to the point where I was taking those pain meds just so I could get the physical therapy. My physical therapist was bright enough to see right through that and she confronted myself and others about the pain meds, she was direct in our discussion about everyone she witnessed become dependent on pain medication. And using the pain medication before my physical therapy sessions wasn’t allowing myself and others to get what I needed for physical therapy. This discussion led myself and others to another discovery when it came to the local cannabis spot. I knew I was in good hands as soon as I walked through the door. The staff was kind, gracious and entirely knew what they were talking about. Those folks were able to find myself and others just the sort of cannabis products that would be beneficial in my recovery. So I use Indica strains for more of my body. It helps with inflammation and pain management. But I entirely observed the difference the Indica strains made with my range of motion. I’m also not experiencing the muscle spasms after physical therapy the way I once was. The sativa products I use entirely help my emotional health. I’m able to stay positive I remember that while this recovery process is difficult, I’m on the mend.

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