Stress can cause physical health concerns

Very few of months ago, I observed that I was losing hair in the shower, then every time I washed our hair, small clumps of hair came out in our hands. I was starting to get actually worried, so I contacted our doctor. The doctor told myself and others that the reason for the hair loss was due to stress. I honestly did not suppose that stress could cause hair loss. I looked up the symptoms of stress online and I was surprised by all of the information that I found. Stress can cause a variety of odd Health concerns. Thankfully there are lots of odd ways to avoid stress, my doctor suggested using a low dose medical marijuana product. She sent myself and others to a medical marijuana dispensary so I could learn more about the uses of medical marijuana products. The educational seminar was actually informative. I went to the dispensary on a Saturday morning and I sat through a 2-hour discussion. The doctor and the owner of the marijuana dispensary discussed all of the potential side effects. Some of the side effects buddyd with marijuana include dizziness, hallucinations, concerns with memory and concentration, and a rapid heartbeat. Medical marijuana can absolutely help with a number of stress related concerns, after attending the seminar, I decided to try a low dose marijuana edible. The marijuana dispensary had lots of odd edibles available. Some of the products we are gummies and some of the products were difficult candy. There were some products that were chocolate and contained small amounts of thc. The marijuana dispensary even had products that contained THC and CBD.


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