The air purifier gets rid of the smell of marijuana

I moved in with a new roommate a couple of weeks ago.

I specifically chose this place because the owner of the house said that he was 420 friendly.

I honestly thought that meant that he would not have a problem if I decided to use marijuana in my personal space. The very first time that I smoked a recreational marijuana joint in my bedroom, the guy knocked on the door and complained. He told me that the house was 420 friendly, but I had to smoke outside. That was frustrating to find out. Smoking outside was perfectly fine during the spring and summer months when the temperature was comfortable, but once it started to get colder, I did not want to smoke marijuana outside. I bought a marijuana vaporizer pen and a couple of different cartridges. I also bought a room air purifier. The room air purifier is made to get rid of the smell of marijuana. It actually works very well. I use the air purifier every time I get out my vape pen. I vape directly into the air purifier, so all of the vapor goes into the machine. There is a charcoal air filter inside of the air purifier that is supposed to get rid of the smell of marijuana. Since I started using the air purifier, the owner of the house hasn’t had a lot to say about the smell of marijuana. I assume that the air purifier is working the way that it should, because I’m not getting complaints like I did a few weeks ago.


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