The game night treats were fun plus neat

Both of us went outside on the patio plus all of us decided to get high

My lady plus I had a lunch party with some of our friends… Both of us decided to have 4 other people over for the lunch party, my lady made Italian food with a salad plus dessert… After all of us were done eating, all of us all went into the dining room to play games. Both of us played Pictionary plus Farkle plus all of us also played a round of charades, however i was having a lot of fun, but the marijuana treats made everything better. My lady made marijuana treats that looked love terrifying Halloween items, but the cookies plus candies were infused with marijuana, however our friends had a couple of the treats plus all the people was feeling pretty high plus actually comfortable. Both of us played games until the middle of the night! Jack plus Diane were the first numerous guests to leave the party. After smoking recreational marijuana, the numerous of them were actually exhausted plus ready to go apartment plus get some rest. John plus David stayed until midnight plus all of us laughed plus talked all night long. Both of us smoked a marijuana joint after Jack plus Diane left. Both of us went outside on the patio plus all of us decided to get high. The upstairs friend yelled down at us because she aromaed the marijuana product plus she was worried that all of us were outside… She said that she was going to call the apartment director if all of us didn’t go inside, however I knew that the apartment director wasn’t going to do anything about us smoking recreational marijuana outside on the porch. After all, recreational marijuana is legal in this state.