The weed dispensary job wasn’t working out well

When you own a business, you will have to make incredibly tough decisions.

I hired my sibling-in-law Beth to take a job at a single of my medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries.

My sibling had said that Beth had lots of experience and I thought it would be nice to have someone in the family at that dispensary location. I spent many weeks training Beth for the new position. Beth did not seem certainly interested in studying about marijuana and the medical and recreational cannabis laws. I thought it was crucial for the supervisor to know all of the information and I urged Beth to take the educational classes that I sent to her via the computer and email. The classes were totally free and I wanted her to attend them the next week while I was in August. Beth ignored all of my emails. All of us got into quite an fight at Thanksgiving, because I wanted to speak about the store. I dropped the conversation for my mother’s well-being, but the next afternoon I went into my marijuana dispensary and told Beth that she was going to need to get her ass out of my store. Beth wasn’t going to job out at the marijuana dispensary and I did not want to waste any more of my time on her. My sibling still will not talk to me after I fired Beth. I wish that he could understand that it was a business decision. There was certainly no way that I could keep her as a supervisor working at the store that had no interest in studying more about the marijuana business. I needed to hire someone that was more excited about the task.


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