Weekly specials at the marijuana dispensary

The local marijuana dispensary has weekly specials everyday of the week.

  • Monday is an afternoon of the week when everything in the cannabis store is on sale.

The dispensary offers 25% savings on all products in the dispensary every Monday. During the rest of the week, the weekly sales and specials are on individual products. Sometimes they have sales where marijuana concentrates are ”buy a single and get a single for 50% off.” Sporadically they even have dried marijuana flower on sale, however you can get a quarter of marijuana for the price of a sixth. That is almost the same as buying a single and getting a single for free sale. There is another afternoon of the week when they have a sale on all the marijuana vape pen cartridges. Most of the cartridges are around $30 or so, but they offer large savings on the afternoon of the week when all of the vape pen supplies are on sale. I can always get a marijuana vape pen cartridge for $20 on that afternoon. I don’t use many marijuana vape pen supplies, but it is nice to have a marijuana vape pen when I am out in a public crowd and I still want to use recreational marijuana supplies. Last Wednesday my lady friend and I went to a concert that was indoors. It certainly wasn’t the type of stadium where you can smoke any marijuana products, although I discreetly used the vape pen and nobody knew that I was using marijuana supplies while all of us were at the indoor concert stadium.


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