Arthritis and cannabis topicals

I have had problems with arthritis in my hands for a couple of years now. It tends to get worse during the most severe weather. The intense heat and humidity of the summer as well as the extreme cold of winter aggravates my symptoms. My hands tend to swell to the point where I can no longer wear my rings. The joints stiffen up and make it painful to create a fist. Arthritis disrupts my everyday life. It becomes difficult to comb my hair, brush my teeth, and grip hand weights during my workouts. I have to give up hobbies such as painting and sewing. Plus, I work everyday on a computer. Typing is a challenge. I went to the doctor for a prescription. However, the medicine was extremely expensive and not covered by my insurance. I read up on the side-effects and was unwilling to risk it. I tried a variety of natural remedies with some success. It wasn’t until I visited the cannabis dispensary that I found effective relief. I explained my issues to a budtender who provided helpful recommendations. She suggested that I combine tinctures with topicals to treat my symptoms from the inside and outside. She explained that CBD has proven to lessen pain and inflammation. The CBD tinctures are discreet and easy-to-use. I place a couple of drops under my tongue and wait a minute for the liquid to be absorbed. The packaging includes a dropper that simplifies precise dosing. I buy cannabis-infused topicals that offer a combination of CBD, CBN and essential oils. The lotions, ointments and gels absorb quickly. They smell nice and are non-psychoactive.

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