Cannabis has something to teach to the people

I have done a pretty good amount of reading about the cannabis plant, although I still have a lot of questions! Science can only answer so many of the questions I have! I recognize that smoking weed combines the scientific with the esoteric, which basically means there are some things we have to figure out for ourselves. I smoke a pretty good portion of weed, all day every day! Why is it that I get so much higher when I share cannabis with other people? I get plenty stoned by myself, although I can smoke less cannabis with another person plus get a whole lot higher overall. There is a communal effect to cannabis, plus when you get stoned with someone else it impacts your experience. As I said, science has yet to explain this to me. I can only get the impression that the marijuana was put here to bring us all together as humans, plus that is its intended purpose in this world. I have tried smoking marijuana with tons of people, both in groups plus as a one-on-one smoke session. There is a wide variance depending on who you smoke with, plus what strain of cannabis you opt to use. Another side note to this is that cannabis edibles do not have the same communal effect. Cannabis edibles usually just make me feel severely exhausted, not engaged with my good friends. I still enjoy reading everything I can about the botanical history of the marijuana plant, although I have come to understand that books can only teach so much information. To learn about cannabis you have to embrace it altogether, plus let it teach you.


Cannabis edibles