Found a great new way to enjoy my cannabis

It was the middle of a hurricane, plus my only lighter broke on me.

This was a mistake on my part, because any dire pot smoker regularly has a handful of backup lighters, right? Having a big fat glass bowl of lovely buds is worthless if you don’t have a trusty lighter to blaze it with! Somehow I forgot to get an extra pack of lighters while making my hurricane supply run, plus now I was stuck at my household with no way to get stoned.

Fortunately, my roommate provided me with an identifiable idea that I had never heard before, where I could use knives plus a stovetop to make a low-cost cannabis vaporizer. Now that I have tried it I can say that the “hot knives” method of smoking cannabis is the most powerful plus efficient way I have ever tried in my life. First, you need to take a couple of butter knives plus put them on a hot plate or a stovetop… Let them lay over the heat for a few minutes to get dangerously hot, then use them to pinch plus squeeze a small ball of cannabis. You only need a ball of cannabis the size of a ball bearing, so it takes undoubtedly little to generate a rather huge hit. The heat of the knives immediately vaporizes the cannabis, providing a rather big plus intense hit of pure smoke. I honestly didn’t need a lighter, plus stayed good plus high by doing knife hits of cannabis through the rest of the storm… After this I don’t really know that I want to go back to the old way of smoking cannabis, this is considerably better.
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