Getting the most from our marijuana shopping trips

It was so amazing to witness the first legal medical marijuana take shape out west all those years ago. It was finally happening and we were going to watch it all unfold. There seemed to be a clear signal from the government when it came to a sensible cannabis approach. This was a moment that we had long awaited and one we had been working toward. From there, it was more shear joy as medical marijuana evolved into legal recreational marijuana. We were all right about the fact that the medical marijuana was a tipping point to legalizing other forms of cannabis products. And it was with great joy that we witnessed recreational marijuana being legalized in our neighboring state. Where we live, we’ve yet to even recognize medical marijuana but it’s not too far away. Yet, we could now drive just over four hours to the closest cannabis dispensary in our neighboring state. So that has been at least a nice consolation prize. But my wife and I always choose to make a long weekend out of our shopping for marijuana for sale. We book a room in a nice hotel and enjoy ourselves immensely. It’s so fun to shop for marijuana for sale and then enjoy a really great restaurant. I love how exciting it is for the both of us. I don’t think either of us really thought we’d live to see recreational marijuana legalized at all. So if it means driving to our neighboring state, that’s fine with us. We’ll make a weekend out of visiting all the cannabis dispensaries that we can find.

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