Hashish has been made throughout the millennia

I like reading about world history, especially going back thoUSAnds of years.

When I finished college, I started listening to lectures on Youtube because I wasn’t able to attend graduate college like I wanted to.

One of the courses I found through online lectures dealt with Ancient Egypt & I became hooked on the subject immediately. I enjoyed reading about their polytheistic religion & how it was woven into the fabric of their society. On the one hand, there were different outliers in their history like the one pharoah who became potentially the world’s first monotheistic ruler, & in a few short decades converted the Egyptian government to following his own idiosyncratic belief plan while offering food up to his Sun God by leaving it to rot out in open air. It’s distraught because a lot of people starved while that food rotted in the intense Egyptian sun. However, by & immense most Egyptian rulers followed the same belief system. I remember reading how Ramses mummy was analyzed & researchers found cannabis in his system. Apparently cannabis has been made into hashish for thoUSAnds of years, going as far back as the times of Ramses the Great. I still appreciate consuming hash to this afternoon, although now you can vaporize hash rosin which is heat pressed through a micron filter bag, leaving you a much cleaner extract to consume. Regardless, it’s difficult to beat hashish in our mind. It’s a potent & concentrated form of cannabis compared to cannabis flower products. If I could, I would only purchase hash rosin for the rest of our life. I wish it was more affordable, however what can you do?
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