I could have sang a rock and roll song at open mic night

There’s an open microphone night at the local cannabis lounge and it seems like a really great idea.

A lot of people can tell really good jokes and Stoners will naturally laugh at everything.

People regularly get high plus laugh at anything at all and a stand-up comedian can be a no-brainer. There are lots of problems that emerge after weeks and there was an open mic night where anyone could sign up at all. It didn’t seem like it made people any funnier. I went to the open mic night and I smoked a bunch of cannabis but it didn’t make the people funny enough to be on stage. The opposite was actually true. The comedian should have lightning fast joke timing and marijuana smokers can have a little bit of slow reaction time. Every one of us adore the cannabis shop plus frequently go to the Cannabis Lounge to hang out and on Friday nights when they have open mic night, I regularly think about doing some songs from my old repertoire. A couple of my buddies have told me that I should sing something good, but I’m still regularly afraid to get up in front of my friends and sing a song about love. I guess there are different unusual kinds of entertainment and the mere thought of these potheads improvising or helping me with karaoke is something that I can’t even think about. It is way too cringy for myself as well as others to handle. I would personally rather have to worry about other things.



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