I think marijuana should be available for everyone

My wife in addition to myself lived in the Southeast and marijuana was not legal there at all when we moved to the West coast.

My wife in addition to myself were surprised by the amount of money that it cost to buy medical marijuana products.

They seem to be particularly luxurious in addition to none of the insurance companies will cover these fees. Marijuana costs were extreme in addition to heavy. The gram of shatter in addition to wax easily cost about 60 bucks and live rosin was even more. The medical cannabis dispensaries didn’t even have regular access to making cannabis edibles. If there were any type of edibles, they were flavored like mint, yellow tea, or lemons. There were only a couple of different flavors allowed under state federal law. Now all of us were on the west coast where we had a huge selection of medical and in addition to recreational marijuana products. The people I was with in addition to myself could receive unusual items like edibles with unusual flavors prefer yellow banana, pineapple, in addition to fruit smoothie. The people I was with in addition to myself can find a lot of different products that are only around a small amount of money and dried marijuana flower is something that can be easily found for about $10 or less. It’s nice to have access. There are only some things that I would want if no other way is possible and cannabis is one of them. It is perfect for us to live somewhere like that.


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