It’s great to have such access to legal cannabis

I can still remember all the years that I had to take chances to get any sort of marijuana.

Those memories won’t go away. I have used recreational marijuana for a long time and that was the worst part about the whole thing, finding cannabis products. The stress involved just to get a small quantity of sativa or indica products was more than I could stand. So just walking into a cannabis dispensary also comes with a whole lot of gratitude. It’s just now so easy since our state finally came to his senses when it comes to responsible cannabis laws. Once the model for the legal marijuana sales was shown to be so successful, our state joined in. For years and years, medical marijuana legislation didn’t get anywhere and was a political landmine. Those against cannabis continued to hold out even medical marijuana do to misinformation and fear. But of course money makes all the difference. In this country, if there is revenue to be made and a whole new tax revenue stream, things get passed. And that’s it really what happened with medical marijuana in our state. And as soon as it was shown how great medical marijuana was, recreational marijuana was passed in due course. Thankfully, I’m now done with all the stress when it comes to trying to find cannabis products. All I have to do is wander down to my local cannabis dispensary and walk right in the door. There are no more clandestine meeting with shady characters. These days, I get my sativa from a smiling staff member at the local cannabis spot.



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