My sibling is going to tell our mom that I smoke pot

My sibling in addition to her wifey were arguing in addition to she decided to take a break for multiple days in order to prove there is no way that she has to rely on another person for help. It absolutely makes me feel dreadful for her to be putting up with all of the lying, cheating, in addition to gambling. My parents act prefer my own sibling should just put up with that because they have a house in addition to money and addition to finances but I do not prefer any money in the whole world that would prefer to make up for a person that is just being mean. My parents have convinced the people I was with in addition to myself that I would be much happier to convert to a relationship where I am straight but it seems that would only make my parents absolutely happy in addition to not the other way around. My sibling is about 5 years older than myself in addition to others and she regularly does not have her stuff together. She easily is the one that is preferred. My way to deal with this regular family drama is to smoke recreational cannabis products. The people I was with in addition to myself have not explained the smoking recreational marijuana products to our parents due to the fact that I do not want them to cut off my rent and they guess that marijuana is an awful drug. I know my sister is now going to tell my parents that she saw me smoking marijuana.

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