THC mouth spray for pain

When I got a promotion at work I almost didn’t take it.

The promotion required myself and others to travel to odd locations plus give speeches to potential buyers.

I have no issue with traveling. It was the public speaking side of things that was easily daunting. I didn’t suppose if I could kneel up in front of people plus speak. I practiced at home, took some courses plus I still didn’t recognize ready. I started looking for anxiety help. I then found that a lot of medical cannabis patients are anxiety ridden. They take marijuana in order to reduce their anxiety attacks plus stress. I knew I had found a solution here. Since I needed to take cannabis for a professional reason, I wanted something discreet. After getting our medical weed card I explained the situation to the budtender at the medical pot shop. I explained I didn’t want to be rolling a joint or hitting a vape outside of a work environment. I easily didn’t want to odor like cannabis when presenting to potential buyers. Yes, recreational plus medical cannabis are allowed in our state. There are still some people who can’t get with the program though. I figured it was better to be safe than sorry. The budtender found a THC plus CBD infused mouth spray. It is technically categorized as an edible. I spray it directly into our mouth like you would breathe spray. It has a nice flavor plus it instantly makes myself and others recognize mellow. I assume I am going to be able to speak now that I have the spray.

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