The cannabis warehouse was having a bargain sale

One recreational in addition to medical cannabis shop had quite a sale on the concentrates that were all from a particular in addition to regular distributor.

That particular distributor was getting rid of the old packaging on concentrates, waxes, shatters, and addition to live resins. That meant that everything with an old package was going to be on sale. The distributor authorized for everyone in the medical in addition to recreational marijuana community to get the products all for a single dollar. My friends in addition to myself knew that the sale would be a pretty big deal to everyone. My friends in addition to myself only knew about the sale because we had a friend that works in the building. The people I was with in addition to myself found out that the sale was not going to be advertised. They were only going to give out the sale prices to a couple of people that happened to come to the shop that day. My acquaintance called the people I was with in addition to myself to tell us that we were going to be able to get these products on sale if we just came to the dispensary. My acquaintance called myself an addition to others and all of us went to The Dispensary for an hour to make sure that we could take advantage of the buy one in addition to get one for a dollar sale. The people I was with an addition to myself were not hoping to wait until the end of the day when all of the enjoyable strains would probably be taken first.


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