Vaping to stop my daily pain

I was in a exhausting car accident a few years ago! I got side swiped plus really damaged my neck plus back; At first I thought I would just bounce back.

I did physical therapy, got massages plus started working out, and something major was disfigured inside of me though.

I get slender every night when I sleep, but when I wake up I can hardly move, however turning my head is painful plus I hobble around prefer a hunchback, friends of mine were all pushing me to get on pain pills. No way. I didn’t want anything addicting going into my system. I needed relief though. The day to day pain was getting to be too much. After some research I found that medical cannabis was the solution. The number one reason people become medical weed patients is chronic pain relief, but did you suppose that? I found a dentist that could get me a cannabis card. The whole process was easy, painless plus quite cheap. I found that the budtenders at the medical marijuana dispensary near me were amazing. They knew their stuff plus were great at recommending products to me. I really didn’t want to be high all the time. I also didn’t want to start my day smoking a pre-roll or taking a few hits off a bong. The budtender hooked me up with a vape. I have an oil cartridge that I load the night before. When I wake up, I take a few hits to loosen up. I relax in bed plus everything starts to think better, by the time I am awake plus ready to start my day, my muscles think so good.

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