All of the delivery frames were already taken

My bestie and I called the marijuana dispensary so the two of us could locale an order for delivery.

The director said that the dispensary budtenders were too busy to take the order over the cellphone.

I had to locale the order online instead. I did not want to take the time to add all of the items to the cart, but the director did not give myself and others any other option. I went through the online website genre by genre adding the marijuana items that I wanted. I had to enter in all of my information like my name, cellphone number, address, and any special directions for the delivery guy. Next I had to pick the delivery time that I wanted. It was only 5:00 p.m. in the afternoon, and all of the delivery slots were already taken. I called the dispensary director again. I told his that I was trying to order in the delivery spots were taken. She told myself and others that I could order for the next morning or I could come to pick things up. If the delivery slots were all filled, then there was no way for his to take another delivery order until the next morning. After all of that time and aggravation I took to fill out the order form online, I ended up going into the store to get my items. Thankfully, the director provided myself and others a free pre-roll when I showed up to pick up my order. She recognized my voice from the cellphone and felt terrible that there were no more delivery spots open when I tried to locale an order for same morning delivery.

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