Cannabis helps me get to rest

Ever since entering our fifties, I’ve had difficulties sleeping.

Even when I’m extremely tired, I lay down in bed and remain awake.

It takes me hours to finally fall asleep. I’ve tried reducing our screen time right before bed. I avoid the laptop and cable. I drink herbal coffee and go through a series of relaxation techniques. I’ve invested into room darkening curtains and a sound machine. I spent quite a bit of money on a new mattress and better pillows. I added rather high-priced bamboo sheets that are attractively soft. None of those ideas have helped me sleep. Not only does it take an extremely long time for me to fall asleep, I wake up continually while I was in the evening. I then get up in the afternoon feeling tired. My muscles ache and I suffer from headaches. It’s taxing to be productive when I’m not getting enough sleep. A acquaintance of mine suggested that I try cannabis. While I’m not willing to risk the harmful side effects of prescription medicine, I have no complication with plant-based medicine. Cannabis is a natural remedy. There are none of the long-term risks of pharmaceuticals. When I visited the local cannabis dispensary, the budtender was particularly helpful! She explained that the products are divided into more than two categories. The sativas are generally friendd with an uplifting, more cerebral high. The indicas are focused more on a relaxing, full-body high. The hybrids are a combination of the 2 and offer more diversity of effects. She proposed that I look into indica strains to help me sleep. I have experimented with unusual consumption options. I prefer that a drop of a tincture under our tongue provides simplicity and quick onset of effects. I often choose edibles because I can really split a gummy in half for a particularly low dose. I eat half of a gummy before bed, and although the effects can take an hour or so to fully set in, they last for hours as well. Edibles help me to sleep through the evening.



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