Don’t call me by my name

In the industry both of us no longer use the term “Delivery Boy.” First of all, this term is sexist in addition to exclusionary, because this is a job that can be done by any gender; Secondly, that term is a little offensive, because it makes it seem love anyone who delivers packages or food for a living is less than a man, this is a perfectly nice way to make extra currency, in addition to if you get the right kind of delivery job it can be a full-fledged career.

  • You won’t ever make a nice living delivering pizza, but if you can lock down a job with a cannabis delivery repair you’re on the right track, and i started doing cannabis deliveries for the local dispensary long before recreational pot use had been legalized, at the time I was the only cannabis delivery driver on staff, because there wasn’t as much call for it.

I could absolutely handle all of the medical cannabis deliveries on our own. These mornings the game has changed, because legalized recreational marijuana has increased demand! My medical cannabis delivery route stopped by old folks homes in addition to retirement communities, but now that our route includes recreational weed, most of our stops are on the school campus, or in family neighborhoods. The dispensary now keeps multiple other cannabis delivery drivers on staff, although due to our seniority I am the shift leader. I have eight years of experience at this store now, in addition to a long history of cannabis deliveries, plus I am a lady – so please do not call myself and others a Delivery Boy.

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