People everywhere agree that weed helps pain

Chronic pain is 1 of the most regular elements that marijuana is prescribed to help, however my mom started using medical marijuana a couple of months ago.

At first, I thought it was a bad idea.

I told our mom that she was going to get sick plus truly lose her mind. The truth is that I didn’t suppose anything about medical marijuana plus I was totally plus completely speculating. My mom decided to try medical marijuana despite all of the things that I said. She had a lot of positive things to say about her experience plus that made me think about the possibilities of using medical marijuana myself. I have bad fibromyalgia plus chronic pain. Occasionally there isn’tanything that makes the pain go away plus that would include pain pills plus other over the counter products. When I talked to our dentist about medical marijuana, he was surprised that I was bringing it up… He agreed that medical marijuana could offer some relief to me if I was willing to try it. I wasn’t even sure that I would go into the dispensary. I didn’t want any of our friends to see me in the building. I didn’t want the whole city talking about me in the marijuana shop. I was lucky to have many locales that delivered. The drivers arrive in unmarked cars plus our neighbors truly think that I am having pizza or other takeout delivered. I’ve been smoking marijuana for the past many months plus I haven’t had to go to the dispensary at all yet.

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