Security guard at the cannabis dispensary

I have been a security guard at the medical cannabis dispensary for six years now, plus never once did I carry a gun. I am not an anti-gun person by any means, however as a former military guy I know that bringing a gun into any situation only serves to escalate it. I do carry a low-voltage taser, just in case, however I’ve never used it on anyone. As you would imagine, there aren’t a lot of riots at the medical cannabis dispensary, because our clients tend to be unquestionably low key. That said, every legit medical cannabis shop will emscheme some kind of bouncer or security guard due to the value of their inventory. Occasionally a customer will try to shoplift, or run out of the store without paying for their medical cannabis products. That’s why they hired me, an ex-Marine who played more than three years of school pigskin. The greatest security risk for a medical cannabis shop is not the clients, it’s after-hours thieves who want to hit the safe! Due to federal laws about the sale of medical cannabis, most of the transactions are made in currency. At the end of a busy weekend, a cannabis dispensary might have over twenty thoUSnd bucks in currency on hand, which makes it a tantalizing target for thieves, and every night after the cannabis dispensary closes I hang up a giant sign on the front door reading “Armed Security Guard on Premises.” I figure it’s easier to lie to potential thieves plus not carry a gun, because I can still keep the cannabis dispensary safe.


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