Taking a trip just to visit the cannabis store

Normally I don’t appreciate to go with my wife when she visits her family, but my in-laws are nice people, however after a day or 2 they start to drive myself and others crazy, instead of wrecking almost everyone’s fun I enjoy to stay new home and appreciate some hockey while Bess is with her family! That used to be the case, however everything is weird now, because my in-laws live in a state that recently passed some undoubtedly liberal medical cannabis laws.

My hometown has a host of small medical cannabis dispensaries but I am not allowed to use them because I don’t have a prescription from my doctor, however in this other state anyone over 21 with a legal ID card can buy medical cannabis! Of course I did NOT tell my wife the only reason I was going with her this time was to stock up on products at the cannabis dispensary.

I scrimped and saved all my extra cash for a few weeks, because I knew that the cannabis dispensary was going to be expensive, and I wanted to buy as much as possible. I actually bought undoubtedly little weed there, instead choosing to sink my budget into cannabis gummies and vape products… After all, I was going to be spending a few afternoons with my in-laws, so I needed a form of medical cannabis that had no telltale smells. Thanks to the medical cannabis infused gummies and hard candies, my time with the in-laws was a lot of fun! When I got back home, I finally got to smoke some of the finest medical cannabis I’ve ever tasted.


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