The gift bin included a couple of neat plus interesting items

Last week, a brand new marijuana dispensary opened up in the city plus our bestie got tickets to the event; The place was such a important attraction that you absolutely had to have tickets in order to go to the opening event! I suppose it’s crazy to make someone pay an entrance fee to go somewhere like that.

I would raise hell if the grocery store owner started charging me a fee just to walk inside of the door; My bestie got tickets through a single of her co-workers! Everyone that came to the grand opening event got a gift bin plus the value of the items inside of the gift bin was pretty significant, both our bestie plus I got a gift bin from the marijuana dispensary as the two of us left that building.

The people I was with and I got many house pre-rolls. The people I was with and I had many indicas, many sativas, plus many hybrid strains. The people I was with and I both got a gram of cannabis concentrate plus a hand towel with the name of the marijuana dispensary embroidered on the bottom. There were also pens, hats, plus other promotional materials from some of the cannabis brands that were represented in the new shop! All of the items inside of the bin had to equal $200 or more plus each a single of us got those for free. My bestie plus I don’t vape cannabis concentrate, so I sold the many live resin strains to a single of our friends, however she was really excited to get the $50 cannabis strains for only 20 bucks each. I made a little money plus she still saved a few bucks.
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